Over The Scope Clipping technology systems have been designed for application via flexible endoscopes in order to provide superior efficiency for clinicians. The OTSC® system consists of an applicator cap, a preloaded clip and a hand wheel. OTSC® technology offers three unique features to users:

  • Larger volume of tissue secured
  • Higher stability at the lesion
  • Minimal strain of surrounding tissue

The OTSC® clip is a super elastic, biocompatible Nitinol® clip which compresses the tissue between its teeth. There are three different versions of the clip available, all with purpose designed teeth. There are three sizes adapted to the cap sizes (11, 12, 14) mm

  • Type A – the atraumatic version with blunt teeth for tissue compression in easily mobilised tissue
  • Type T – the traumatic version with pointed teeth featuring increased anchoring capabilities in fibrotic tissueOTSC Clips
  • Type GC – the gastric closure clip has larger teeth for closing gastric perforations and stomach lesions

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